Patriots Cheated Again!

I guess the Patriots were behind the communication problems that the Pittsburgh coaching staff had last night. It comes with the territory I guess and the Patriots have made their own bed, but come on every time something goes wrong the Pats are behind it? Does anybody really think that after all that’s gone on that the Patriots would do it right away? LOL!  I guess it’s the best time to do it since nobody would expect it  and I wouldn’t put it past them, but come on!!! Isn’t this one a little ridiculous?

By the way it’s still not cut and dried as to who ordered what in the suspensions of the two Patriot equipment guys as far as I’m concerned:

This was in the Boston Herald yesterday in a story about their reinstatement:

” The origin of their suspensions is a matter of semantics. During the Deflategate investigation, the NFL essentially asked the Patriots,” Are you going to suspend Jastremski and McNally or should the league do it?” So the Pats complied with that pointed request, and now they’re awaiting the league’s approved reinstatement.”   To me that’s different from what we’ve been led to believe over the last seven months or so.

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