Author: Jack Healey

Havlicek Stole The Ball!!!

By Jack Healey I was watching the Red Sox and the Bruins last night and I happened to be watching the Red Sox when I heard the news. It was also mentioned on the NBC national broadcast of the Bruins game. John Havlicek died yesterday at the age of 79. Another hero of my youth […]

Bruins, Celtics and The Playoffs

By Jack Healey I’m going with the Bruins over Columbus in 6 and Milwaukee over the Celtics in 6 in their respective Eastern conference semi-final series. I got to say that Tukka Rask was pretty good in the series against Toronto especially in game 7. Maybe it isn’t fair, but it’s only one round. He […]

A Sweep, A Game 7 And Baseball

By Jack Healey The Celtics with a 4 game sweep, but it wasn’t that easy as each individual game was a battle. The Bruins and Toronto go to a game 7 tomorrow night. What home ice advantage? Both the Bruins and Toronto have won twice on the road. That being said you really want to […]

Lightning And Islanders OH My!

By Jack Healey Who would’ve thought that the Tampa bay Lightning would lose in the first round of the playoffs, let alone being swept? Columbus made short work of the Lightning and the Islanders beat the Penguins in 4 straight. That one isn’t as much of a surprise and the Islanders were the higher seed, […]


By Jack Healey Tiger wins the Masters! That is one of the greatest sports stories ever! Who would’ve thought that Tiger would somehow win another Masters,14 years after his last one and 11 years since his last major? Jim McKay used to say before ABC’s Wide World of Sports “The Thrill of Victory and the […]

Opening Day!

By Jack Healey Ok now it’s time to turn the page. The opening day ceremony at Fenway was pretty good even though you can put me down for one of those fans who thought it was a little strange that the players got their rings without being introduced. I actually find it refreshing that any […]

Virginia, Texas Tech and Open Day

By Jack Healey I’m going with Texas Tech over Virginia in the NCAA national championship men’s basketball game tonight. Tough one! Who has the momentum? They both won in the semi’s. If you believe in momentum from game to game…..this one should end in a tie! I wonder how many fans noticed there was a […]

Red Sox And Slow Starts

By Jack Healey Yes the Red Sox are off to a 2-6 start and yes the games in April mean the same as the games in October. The difference is that when you play lousy in April you have more time to recover than you do when you play lousy in October. I have seen […]

Joe Bellino

By Jack Healey Joe Bellino who won the Heisman Trophy at the US Naval Academy died yesterday at the age of 81. Bellino, a native of Winchester, Massachusetts won the Heisman Trophy in 1960 in a season where he rushed for 834 yards and 15 touchdowns along with 3 touchdown catches. Bellino spent 3 years […]