Author: Jack Healey

Carlos We Hardly Knew Ye!

By Jack Healey The Carlos Beltran firing by the Mets brings to three the managers who have been fired over the last week. This whole thing is getting curioser and curioser. I don’t know about you,but I’m more interested in the whole eletronic sign stealing scandal than I am in the Impeachment. Many of you […]

Why The Press Conference?

By Jack Healey I saw the Red Sox press conference held by the brass yesterday and my question is if they couldn’t answer about 90% of the questions then why have the press conference? Why not just send out a press release that says everything will be addressed after the MLB investigation is over? It […]

Alex Cora Is Toast!

By Jack Healey Yes Alex Cora is the Common denominator between the Houston Astros and the Red Sox in the electronic sign stealing scandal.People are aware of the Astros’ punishment and I assume the Sox get something similar depending on what the commissioner deems necessary. I expected some kind of punishment for both the Astros […]

NFL Divisional Playoffs

By Jack Healey I was 2-2 on wildcard weekend so my overall record now stands at 144-99 On Saturday January 10th: Minnesota over San Francisco Baltimore over Tennessee On Sunday January 11th: Kansas City over Houston Seattle over Green Bay For the first time in years I can actually relax watching the playoffs since the […]

Who Is This Guy?

By Jack Healey I’m talking about an NFL quarterback: 2006: Won Divisional round against Philadelphia 27-24 and lost to Chicago in NFC championship game 39-14 2007: Missed playoffs 2008: Missed playoffs 2009: Won Divisional round against Arizona 45-14, won conference championship over Minnesota 31-28 and won Super Bowl against Indianapolis 31-17 2010: Lost wildcard to […]

Alex Cora? Here Comes The Judge!

By Jack Healey Now the Red Sox have been accused of electronically stealing signs in 2018 just like the Houston Astros in 2017. It looks like Alex Cora has some splaining to do if he didn’t before as he was the Astros bench coach in 2017 and the Red Sox manager in 2018. That being […]


By Jack Healey I don’t expect objectivity on social media from the every day nitwit,but is too much to ask from national pundits? Geez many are as bad as the nitwits. I was at the Castleton vs. St. Joes of Connecticut mens basketball game last night and as many may or may not know that […]

NFL Wildcard Weekend

By Jack Healey After the regular season I stand at 142-97 AFC wildcard games on Saturday January 4th Buffalo over Houston Tennessee over NE Patriots NFC wildcard games on Sunday January 5th Seattle over Philadelphia New Orleans over Minnesota