Author: Jack Healey

More Julian Edelman And Dan Shaughnessy

By Jack Healey Geez! Let it go people! Julian Edelman was popped for PED’s so therefore he shouldn’t have been playing in the Super Bowl, let alone MVP. I’m still hearing it from the idiots on Fox Sports Radio. I listened for about two minutes on Friday night and that’s all they were talking about. […]

Julian Edelman,The MVP And PED”s

By Jack Healey Nick Cafardo’s baseball column in the Boston Globe on Super Sunday started off ironically enough about the difference between PED’s in the NFL and PED’s in baseball. Carfardo writes: ” Serving a suspension or being linked to it in baseball seems like a major crime among some fans. In football? No biggie. […]

Super Bowl And Yes Baseball!

By Jack Healey My record going into the Super Bowl is 160-90 and I’m going with the Patriots over the LA Rams 31-24. There was a time when I couldn’t get enough of the pre-game hype, but now I really stay away from it as much as I can. After awhile it just over-analysis as […]

Random Thoughts

By Jack Healey Some random thoughts; Have you ever wondered what happened to the Vermont Athlete of the Month program? Back in the 70’s and 80’s the Vermont Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, now called the Vermont Sports Media Association, had a wonderful program when the Athletes of the Month would be honored with a banquet […]

The Hall Of Fame And That Laser Beam

By Jack Healey The 2019 class of the Baseball Hall of Fame is a good one. At least the four new inductees announced yesterday. The four new inductees are Mariano Rivera,Edgar Martinez,Mike Mussina and Roy Halladay. All of them deserve to be there and of course they will join Lee Smith and Harold Baines who […]

Classic Games And The Officiating

By Jack Healey Yes the officiating was terrible and every team that played in the Conference championship games was victimized, not just the teams that lost so pump the brakes a little bit. The officiating doesn’t take away from the two games as they were both classics! Remember a couple of years ago when the […]

NFL Championship Weekend

By Jack Healey My NFL record is 160-88. This Sunday I’m going with the two home teams: New Orleans over the LA Rams and Kansas City over the Patriots. I believe home field does make a difference in the NFL especially in the Conference championship games. I don’t see anything wrong with the Patriots playing […]