Author: Jack Healey

Politics Again? It’s The Media’s Fault!

By Jack Healey I don’t understand why Boston Globe hockey guy Kevin Paul Dupont was so obsessed with the members of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team going to President Trump’s rally in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago during the celebration of the “Miracle On Ice” 40 years ago. Most of his column […]

What A Weekend!

By Jack Healey It was quite a weekend in boys basketball and in boys hockey. In state championship games at the Barre Auditorium: In Division 4 Proctor defeated Twin Valley 65-50 as Proctor wins it’s 18th state championship and 10th in Division 4. Proctor has won 4 state championships in 6 years. In Division 2 […]

David Price And Irritations Part Two!

By Jack Healey Now that Chris Sale is at least right now not going to have Tommy John Surgery,but will miss some time with his elbow injury. Some media members are writing about how they think the Sox pitching staff is thin and they should never have traded David Price. Really? Where were you when […]

Josh Speidel, Shrine Team and Chris Sale

by Jack Healey It must’ve been something to have been at the UVM Patrick Gym on Tuesday night when Josh Speidel electrified the crowd with his first career points. I watched the ceremonies on video and I had a lump in my throat as big as a basketball. What a moment! I know the story […]

Tuck Rule And Other Irritations Part One!

By Jack Healey New England Patriot fans have had the “Tuck Rule” shoved down their throats since 2002 even though the call in the famous snow game against the Oakland Raiders was the correct one and it wasn’t the only time the “tuck rule” was called that season. Because people have griped about that so […]

Mt. Anthony And NSN…Simply Amazing!

By Jack Healey The State high school wrestling meet is today and tomorrow at Mt. Anthony Union High School in Bennington. Unbelievably Mt. Anthony has won 31 straight state championships and is looking for its 32nd straight state championship. 31 straight is already a national record. The last time a school won a state championship […]

Stupid Sports Cliches

By Jack Healey Every once in awhile I like to remind people how stupid so many sports cliches are. They are over used and tiresome yet coaches,players,fans and for some reason media members continue to use them. Here they are and as I say with #1 I will stop talking about it when the rest […]

Cut It Out!

By Jack Healey One of my pet peeves is when hosting a talk show on NSN or the radio station where I work is that for some reason listeners want instant gratification and expect you to talk about everything within the first five minutes. Hell give us a chance! The other thing is if you […]

Do you Believe In Miracles?

By Jack Healey It’s hard to believe that the “Miracle On Ice” victory over the Soviet Union by the US Olympic hockey team was 40 years ago tomorrow. Those of us old enough to remember will never forget the 4-3 victory over the Russians in what was the semi-final game. I followed the US hockey […]

Ryan Newman….Great News!

By Jack Healey Ryan Newman was released from a Daytona Beach,Florida yesterday just two days after his horrific crash. I am relieved as everybody else is and I am shocked that he was released from the hospital so soon. I don’t know what hospital policy might be,but is anybody surprised that his injuries were never […]