It’s Pro Football Time!

The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots after an off season of turmoil get their 2015 season underway tonight against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the surface you look at all the distractions the Pats have had and you think it would be a miracle if they even won a game, but they do a good job of moving on and even though I don’t think they get back to the Super Bowl, I do see them winning at least 11 games and winning the AFC East.

Interesting side note as the season gets underway and I do have a big question about it….The Patriots have asked the NFL to reinstate the suspended employees at the heart of”Deflategate.”

If the Patriots suspended the two guys why do they have to ask the NFL for permission to reinstate them? Maybe that is proper procedure so I don’t know, but I will say this:

  1. If the NFL suspended them then we have been getting the wrong information for months.
  2. I can see it now and remember where you heard it first…. If the Patriots suspended them and want to hire the two back then it must be because they want to shut them up so they won’t write a “Tell All Book” about Deflategate.

Oh the drama, oh the humanity!!!