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The newest features of our new player are best viewed using the latest web browsers. We recommend google chrome, but the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are also great options. If you are using an old browser (Internet Explorer) you may experience strange behavior or be unable to view the events at all.  Below are some links to download and install the latest browsers, once you do that, restart your computer and see if any issues have been resolved.

Google Chrome – DOWNLOAD HERE

Mozilla Firefox – DOWNLOAD HERE

Microsoft Edge – DOWNLOAD HERE

We also recommend installing the latest adobe flash player on your computer, this can resolve issues with video playback as well.


Viewing on TVs:
There are many ways to watch an NSN game on your home TV. We offer the NSN App on all major TV/OTT platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire. If you have any of these devices, simply search “NSN Sports Network” from their app search bar, then download and launch the app. All NSN Games are available via these TV Apps!

You can also cast your mobile device screens to your TV by following the instructions below, depending on your device.

Apple iphone: INSTRUCTIONS

Android phone: INSTRUCTIONS

We are always working to make our feeds available on every device from any location.  Smart TVs are changing rapidly and with each new generation comes new challenges concerning compatibility with our platform. If you are unable to view an event from your smart TV please reach out to us via our help button and provide your TV make and model, and we will work to resolve whatever issue is occurring, in a timely manner.

Mobile Viewing:

You can find the NSN Sports App on the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store. Just search “NSN Sports Network” and download the app to enjoy all the games on your mobile device.

You can also visit us at on any mobile browser.

We strive to make our platform as mobile friendly and intuitive as possible. Our platform is currently supported on all the latest iphone/ipad/iOS devices as well as Android. We do not support ipads older than 3rd generation, so we apologize for any problems related to older iOS devices.

If you have any other issues not addressed in this section, please use our help button to relay them to us and a tech will reach out to you and help resolve the problem.


The NSN Team.