First NFL Weekend!

How much can you take from the first weekend in the NFL. The answer  is nothing, but here goes anyway:

  1. Buffalo is pretty good. The Bills’ win over Indy was to me maybe the biggest surprise of the weekend.
  2. Seattle coach Pete Carroll has now had two games in a row with boneheaded calls. We know about the Super Bowl, but come on an onside kick in overtime? Talk about giving a game away.
  3. Marcus Mariota was the the better choice between the last two Heisman Trophy winners.
  4. Tony Romo is pretty good!

I guess the new Miss America chimed in on “Deflategate” and said she thinks Tom Brady was lying. I wish she would stick with things she knows something about like “World Peace”, “World Hunger” or “Nuclear Fusion”

I was thinking there are some outstanding quarterbacks in high school football. Among them Rutland High’s Andy Kenosh, Burr and Burton’s Griffin Stalcup and Otter Valley’s Carson Leary.

The most under rated quarterback in the state might be Middlebury’s Oakley Gordon. He has taken over nicely thank you  for Shrine player Austin Robinson for the two time defending D1 champions.