Tom Brady Stuff

Why are so many media outlets and fans going with the ESPN reports that say that Tom Brady may not play in 2018?
The reports say ” Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still has not committed to playing in 2018, even though people who know him believe he will be back in 2018.” Geez talk about covering all the bases. Is he coming back or not? Why report anything until you’re sure? Nothing wrong about reporting on rumors, but in the same sentence that says he isn’t committed to 2018, it also says he will be back. Can’t have it both ways.
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski haven’t been to the first couple of off season workouts yet. What difference does it make if they were at workouts in the past or not? They are voluntary so what’s the big deal? Voluntary means voluntary as far as I know.
Let’s say Brady does call it quits, it shouldn’t make any difference if you’re a Brady Basher. Brian Hoyer should step right in because Brady after all is overrated so anybody should be able to win with that team. The only quarterback who has won five Super Bowls and was drafted in the 6th round and #199 over all somehow is overrated. That is almost comical. The last Super Bowl it was Brady who lost to a back-up quarterback. Yea I know the Pats defense had nothing to do with it and by the way Brady threw for over 500 yards. He lost two other Super Bowls to Eli Manning. Yea I know. The defense didn’t blow it in both those games too? Come on! Brady gave his team the lead late in both those Super Bowls, but the defense couldn’t hold it. No different than a closer blowing a lead in the 9th inning in baseball. I don’t think Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time, but he’s a Hall of Famer. Even Brady Bashers have to give him that. Right?