An optimistic spring…, spring?

After 50 years living in the Northeast Kingdom I should know better than to expect warm weather in April. However, I was optimistic it would happen, much in the way it did last year. I wasn’t as optimistic that the Red Sox would start the season 15 and 2 either. And yet, looky looky at what we have here-a 15 and 2 start!

The Sox are hitting at an impossible to maintain clip. They have the best starting pitching, for now, in the majors. They are doing this without 17 game winner Drew Pomeranz. They are doing it without Xander Bogaerts, who started as hot as anyone in the history of the Boston Red Sox, who is out with a fractured ankle. There hasn’t been the steady bat of one Dustin Pedroia. At this point I’m not sure there could be more optimism flowing from the Sox clubhouse or from the fans themselves.

So, will it continue for the BoSox? My answer? Yes. And in a very big way. I see this team winning 105 games. Think about it: they will only have to play .620 ball the rest of the season to accomplish that. Consider it a done deal.

Now onto the NBA:

The Celts have looked really good through 2 games of the NBA playoffs. I anticipate, however, for them to lose 2 in Milwaukee before heading back to Boston for a HUGE game 5. As much as Antetokounmpo traveled in Boston he’ll walk around the block(pun intended as he never has the same pivot foot) even more so in Bucks land.

How much have Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier improved their stock? They are gonna get some serious cash when their contracts are up. Danny Ainge may be a little standoffish, but man he has had some good picks. Those two are perfect examples of that.

Frankly, I’m not even sure the C’s will win the series. Bucks have a better bench and Eric Bledsoe, the real one, is due to show up. However, I wouldn’t bet against Brad Stevens if he was losing 3-0 and down 20 in the 4th quarter of Game 4 in a series. The guy was born to coach, er, win basketball games. Damn genius.

I finally started watching NHL hockey! It’s the playoffs so it’s time to watch. I expect the B’s to win Game 4 in Toronto. No way that the Maple Leafs can be as lucky, or their goaltender, as they were in Game 3. The Bruin’s literally could have scored 8 goals that game. Great stick saves, off the post, off the crossbar misses hopefully don’t happen like they did in that one.

Enjoy folks. Spring is gonna get here. I’m optimistic.