Author: Eric Berry

Who’s the best, part tres!

By Eric Berry Authors Note-Here is a third attempt and getting it as close to right from what my memory will release back into present day. Some of the players listed below is proof positive that your memory(my memory) doesn’t allow you to always see the forest through the trees. Shooters/Players I missed Jeff Mosher-I’m […]

Who’s the best, part deux!

By Eric Berry Authors Note-After writing yesterday’s blog I had time to sit back and reflect on all the people I missed! Gulp-and there were a lot! And I’ll miss more today-guaranteed. Not a reflection on the coach or player, more on the 51-year old cob webbed cranium of yours truly. You obviously noted some […]

Who is the best?

Who’s the best? By Eric Berry This is a tough column, and mostly Vermont-centric and certainly basketball-centric, but thought provoking for me, and hopefully for you. I recently engaged in a social media messenger exchange with a good friend and a current Vermont high school basketball coach. We always ask each other questions like ‘who […]


By Eric Berry There are only 4 more days and 3 sleeps before high school football gets under way in Vermont! It’s by far my favorite sport to broadcast and, as is well documented in my blogs, my absolute favorite time of the year by a landslide. HS Football, NFL, fantasy football, and hunting. Count […]

The Class of 2018 and the NFL 2018

By Eric Berry LI Class of 2018 My daughter graduated in the class of 2018 at Lyndon Institute. As a family, we became very close to the kids she became friends with dating back to kindergarten through her senior year. Some of you parents have already had the experience of seeing your son or daughter […]