My gut, my brain(easy now), my thoughts on 2018 Fantasy Football!

My gut, my brain(easy now), my thoughts on 2018 Fantasy Football!

By Eric Berry

I’m gonna get right to this and not mess around with some long preamble about this that and the other thing. Here we go:

I’m not as high on Dion Lewis as everyone else. Maybe I’m wrong. I like Derrick Henry. Guess we’ll see.

I think James White could win the MVP of the AFC if they would just pass him the ball 8-10 times a game. I thin Bill Belichick wants to keep his salary in check, hence, let’s only use him you know, when we have to win a game.

If James White did have all kinds of receptions, yardage and touchdowns Tom Brady would win the MVP. What am I thinking?

I think Drew Brees and Matt Ryan both will go crazy this year. Their weapons are too powerful not to, right? Look at Brees’ arsenal: Kamara, Ingram(it’s just 4 games), Thomas, Meredith(watch out for this guy), Ted Ginn Jr. All Ted Ginn Jr. does is kick everyone’s as on a football field and gets about as much respect as Ralphie did from Santa in A Christmas Story. One thing is for sure, Brees is gonna shoot someone’s eye out this year. As for Ryan, he has: Julio, Sanu, Freeman, Coleman, Ridley. It’s sick. Those two teams could play for the right to go to the big dance.

I think either the Vikings or Packers are golfing while the playoffs are happening. One of them is in trouble what with this new found Uber/Super Team Division. No patsy in this division.

Speaking of patsies. How about the AFC East? New England will either be the #1 or #2 seed again this year. It’s sickening. Criminal. 6-0 vs. the Jets, Dolphins and Bills this year. Book it.

Why is it no one respects Phillip Rivers? He’s twice as good as Eli Manning yet has two less Super Bowl titles so everyone just overlooks him as one of the elite players in the NFL. He’s a gunslinger. A damn good quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo is not winning this Sunday. Unbeaten streak over. Let’s move on from that talk.

The Jaguars are going to put on a massacre at Giants’ Stadium. If I were Eli Manning I would call in sick. Calais Campbell and Yannick Ngakoue lined up opposite of you? Gulp. We’re about to find out just how those off season o-lineman acquisitions are going to work out. My thought-probably not too good along the offensive line in week 1 for the G-men.

I think people should pump the breaks on the following teams: The Chiefs, Texans, Broncos, 49ers, Green Bay, and even the Rams. I think the Rams will be good. Anyone realize how many close games they won last year though? They will regress to the mean.

Teams that will surprise: The Lions or Bears, the Browns, the Jets. I know I’ve already dismissed the Jets vs. NE but I think they fare well against a lot of the rest of the league.

I mentioned the Packers above as a team that I’m not sure about. They are one Aaron Rodgers injury from being insignificant. Most teams are the same way quarterback wise, but, if Rodgers goes down Green Bay has zero chance of going anywhere. ZERO.

I’m bummed out that I only have Dalvin Cook on one of my fantasy teams. However, it’s amazing the crazy hype over someone who has played about 4 NFL games.

Atlanta and Philly tonight. My pick? Atlanta. Final Score-Falcons 27 Eagles 16.