Author: Eric Berry

It’s the best time of the year, and it ain’t close!

By Eric Berry As we near high school football, professional football, hunting seasons, MLB playoffs, fair times, and colder temperatures I have a few very random thoughts: It was a good summer, now it’s time to get to work. The Red Sox, at least currently, are a really good baseball team. The above statement is […]

Go West Older Man

By Eric Berry It’s hard to believe isn’t it? The narrative for all of us LeBron non-lovers(time to stop using the word hate) is that he no way would go west and play in the gauntlet that is certainly the NBA Western Conference. Considering that the 8th ranked team in the most recent playoffs, Minnesota, […]

It’s about SPACING!

It’s about SPACING! I’ll bet you’re thinking, uh-oh here EB goes, a rant about the officials. Nope, not where I’m going with this one. After 6 games in the Eastern Conference Finals we’ve seen some adjustments by Brad Stevens and Tyronn Lue. However, after a post season in which the press, the players, and everyone […]

You wanna fight, Marcus?

By Eric Berry You wanna fight, Marcus? I came up with a brilliant idea. At least I think so, anyway. Every now and then you just know when you’ve come up with the “million-dollar idea”. After watching the Celtics/Cavs on Tuesday night I had that moment, the epiphany of all ye epiphanies. And here it […]

Let me tell you something, Coach!

By Eric Berry Somewhere along the line we’ve lost our minds. I’ve coached for 29 years in a variety of different capacities, and in different sports. I have witnessed first-hand the degradation of the coach/parent relationship. I am no expert on behavioral science, I do not consider myself an “expert” coach in each in every […]

Did you eat Peanuts, Dorsey?

I love the NFL Draft. I enjoy it more now than ever before probably due to my love also for fantasy football. I like the idea of constructing a team, filling your needs as you see them. So, with that in mind I have some thoughts about all of the highlights, low lights, grades handed […]