The Class of 2018 and the NFL 2018

By Eric Berry

LI Class of 2018

My daughter graduated in the class of 2018 at Lyndon Institute. As a family, we became very close to the kids she became friends with dating back to kindergarten through her senior year. Some of you parents have already had the experience of seeing your son or daughter off to school. Up until Tuesday I had never experienced such a thing. It went about how you can imagine. Stress of moving in, arguments about where things are supposed to go in the room, and in the end a complete nuclear meltdown of an iceberg. Man, that was tough.

It caused so much reflection, that day and the days leading up to that calamity of emotions. The Jacky Lau’s and Connor Whitehead’s and the overall athleticism on the boy’s side. The incredible senior girl’s athletes-Brianna Doty, Niah Colby, my daughter Jade Berry, Emma Corey and so many more very special people and athletes. I wish all of them well-those mentioned and those not mentioned. I think I was fortunate to know these kids let alone coach some of them over the years. I will remember those days fondly. Good luck class of 2018, I know you’ll do well. I know I’ll shed another tear upon the last departure out of town for the year by one of you. You’ll do well, I know it.

NFL 2018

13 days until kick off of the NFL season. I am so done with the preseason. Aren’t you?

Why have we wasted so much time over who starts at QB for Cleveland? Does anyone really care? Even Lebron doesn’t care-see LA/move/James.

Mike Tomlin is putting up tarps at the back of the end zone of the practice facility, so no one can video their practices from afar. Hey Mike, no one is going to copy what you do. You were lucky to win a title, and you will not win another one. Sorry bud. Sorry, not sorry, Steelers fans.

My early prediction for the Super Bowl is New England vs. Minnesota. Once again, the Pats will fall and the Vikes will win their first ever title. I am not dreaming as I type this blog.

My fantasy football draft is tomorrow. To me the day of the draft is Christmas, my birthday, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and April Fools’ Day all in one. So much excitement to “unwrap” my draft picks. I have the #2 pick in my draft this year. It’s a good feeling knowing I’m getting a marquee player, but, everyone should get a marquee player in the 1st round. Even the first 3 or 4 rounds. Fantasy drafts are won in round 4-8. I’m convinced of it.

I’ve done my research and now I must react to what goes on and not go astray from my plan. People always pick the “guy you wanted to pick” but you have to get the best value, by position to fill out your roster. Ask yourself, what positions mean the most scoring wise in my league? It’s a simple answer. Draft those spots until they are full. Trust me.

I think the Jets could surprise someone this year in a good way for J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS fans.

My Predictions: AFC East-Pats, AFC North-Baltimore, AFC South-Jacksonville, AFC West-Chargers(refuse to call them “L.A. anything). NFC East-Philadelphia Eagles, NFC North-Minnesota Vikings, NFC South-New Orleans, NFC West-LA Rams

Wild Cards-AFC-Pittsburgh, Houston, NFC-Green Bay, Atlanta

No, Dallas isn’t making it again, neither is Carolina. KC isn’t either. The Giants? Nope(see-Manning, Eli)

Coaches who will be looking for jobs-Andy Reid, Bill O’Brien, Hue Jackson, Vance Jackson, Adam Gase, Pete Carroll, Dirk Koetter, and yep Jason Garrett!

Rob Gronkowski will set a record for most TD’s by a tight end in the NFL for a single season this year. It will be his last year in the NFL.

Kirk Cousins will go crazy in Minnesota and throw for over 4,000 yards.

Dalvin Cook will rush for 1,500 yards. Book it.

Tom Brady will once again put on a clinic during the regular season.

Who are my rookie sleepers you ask? Royce Freeman, Ronald Jones, Sony Michel, Calvin Ridley. Those guys will go nuts.

The Minnesota defense may rival any or all other teams for the label of greatest defensive team in the history of the NFL. Move over ’85 Bears. The Vikes are gonna go crazy on defense.

The LA Rams will either light the world on fire this year or fall completely flat on their faces. I can’t decide which one it will be. Can Jared Goff really do that well again?

Dak Prescott will draw the ire of all Cowboys fans by week 4. The offensive line is a mess, after everyone thought it would be one of the NFL’s best, and defenses will stack the line of scrimmage to stop Zeke. Unless Bob Hayes comes out of retirement there is no one to throw the ball to past 5 yards(Cole Beasley will catch those, haha).

Tony Romo will be assassinated by a drunk Eagles fan. The fan will tell the judge that Romo was a “know it all, arrogant jerk” and he’ll walk.

Tony Romo will go down as one of the best color commentators ever. Right now, I can’t decide which side of thinking I am on.

Trivia question for you(or two). Who has the best 4th quarter completion percentage in the history of the NFL? Answer after the next question.

Who holds the NFL record for most punt returns of over 90 yards?

Tony Romo is the answer to question 1.

Nate Burleson is the answer to question 2.

I could go on forever about the NFL. Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the national anthem debacle, right?

Here’s my take, like it or not. I have always thought that everyone and anyone should STAND for the anthem and take their hats off. I hear what the athletes are saying and understand there is a ton of work to do in the way of social justice, or injustice as it were. I just don’t understand why the leaders of the NFL, owners, NFL execs, and players can’t figure out a way to work together and make something good happen. Together! Don’t work against each other. Work together.

That’s all I got. Whew, I’m tired.