The Great Gil Santos

Gil Santos died yesterday on not only his 80th birthday, but also on his 57th wedding anniversary.
My whole life I always wanted to be a sportscaster so I’ve listened to at least a thousand of them and believe me when I tell you Gil was the best radio football announcer I’ve ever heard. Football was his specialty and nobody did it better. The way he painted the picture and with that “Voice from God,” he was no less talented than the players he covered. Santos was a member of both the Patriots Hall of Fame and the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Gil was the longtime radio voice of the New England Patriots, but also broadcast football for Boston College, Brown, Penn State and the Boston Breakers of the USFL. He was also the TV voice of the Boston Celtics for a period of time in the 80’s and the voice of Providence College basketball.
I met Gil many years ago and he was great. Just a wonderful guy!
Gil Santos, a great play by play guy! He was the best whoever was!