NO NO’s!

Sean Manaea threw a no hitter against the Red Sox on Saturday night which again proves that one game has nothing to do with another and every game is a separate entity. The Red Sox were the hottest team in baseball and they got no hit or did they? Now don’t get me wrong the game is a no-hitter and it doesn’t really matter as it is what it is and nothing can change it, but just for the purpose of this conversation why wasn’t the bloop by Sandy Leon in the top of the 5th not called a hit? The shortstop should’ve had it, but the play wasn’t routine either and that’s called a base hit about 99.9% of the time. The play by Andrew Benintendi I have no problem with as the call could’ve gone either way. Anyway it is a no-hitter and that’s the way it goes whether I like it or any other Red Sox fan likes it or not. Remember when Johan Santana threw the only no-hitter in Mets history a few years ago? It will always be a no-hitter of course, but I seem to recall a line drive down the left field line that was called foul, but really was fair. Then of course there was the perfect game that wasn’t by Armando Galarraga. He had the perfect game, but a runner who was clearly out was called safe. Ironically if there was replay then, Galarraga would have a perfect game and if there wasn’t replay now Manaea wouldn’t have a no hitter, but that’s baseball.
Not that one has anything to do with another, but do teams that get no hit go on to win the World Series? Well sometimes as the last team to get no hit and went on to win the World Series was the 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers. The Yankees won the World Series in 1952, but Detroit’s Virgil Trucks threw a no-hitter against them that season and Hoyt Wilhelm of the Baltimore Orioles threw a no-hitter against the Yankees in 1958 and the Yankees went on to win the World Series that year too. Of course Don Larson of the Yankees threw a perfect game against the Dodgers and that was in the World Series. The Dodgers didn’t win the Series, but they did force a game 7.
Baseball! What a beautiful game!