Gil, Mookie, Jaylen Brown and other spectacular thoughts!

By Eric Berry

Gil Santos passed away yesterday and today New England sports fans mourn the loss of a great broadcaster, and by all accounts, a better man. I remember watching Gil and Bob Cousy in the 80’s when they broadcast the Celtics games. I always felt like Gil was one of those pro announcers who knew Cousy was brutal on the air, but still rolled along and made it work. RIP Gil, thank you for being so good.

Mookie Betts is putting on a clinic. Rumor tells me he handed Mike Scioscia an invoice after the series was over. Someone is going to be paying Mookie Betts a lot of dough in the next couple years. He’s arbitration eligible in each of the next two seasons, and already won this past year’s hearing to the tune of $10.5 million. In 2021, if things stay they way they are, Markus Lynn Betts, know as Mookie to you and me, will be getting a contract of 300+ million bucks. Enjoy it now folks, cause I don’t think he’s giving the BoSox any kind of hometown discount.

And how about this? Maybe he joins Mike Trout in 2021 in LA? Scary proposition. Trout, as you probably know, is a free agent after 2020 so who knows if he even stays there at that time. Maybe he becomes a Red Sox? A guy can dream.

At what point does Jaylen Brown get some damn respect? The man is a superstar in waiting in my books. Plays his rear end off and gets zero calls from the crookedest organization outside of Al Capone’s Chicago outfit, the NFL referees. I said it the other day and I will say it again. The C’s didn’t get any calls at home against Giannis Antetokounmpo, do you expect they will get any in Milwaukee? Bucks 2, Celts 2 heading to Game 5. Anyway, Brown is a freaking stud. Please people give the man some respect. And if I were Danny Ainge, ‘Pay that man his money’(Teddy KGB voice). He’s already earned it. Oh, and if you want to watch that scene it’s right here:

Back to the Red Sox and their red hot start. A lot of us Red Sox fans are excited about their record so far in the 2018 season. And EVERY Yankees fan keeps tell us the whole ‘wait til October’ thing. And, ‘you guys always choke’. Um, excuse me, the Yankees are owners of the worst choke job in the history of all professional sports. Up 3-0 in 2004 against the Red Sox and lost 4 straight. I thought I would remind all Yankees fans of that fact. And it is FACT!