NFL Week #14 And People Are Still Giddy!

By Jack Healey
A terrible 8-8 in my NFL picks in week #14 and I now stand at 130-76.
The only two places I didn’t see the constant showing of the end of the Patriots-Miami game was on MLB and the weather channel and I’m not sure, but they could’ve shown the play over and over too.
I’m still amazed at how giddy fans get with Patriots losses, even losses that aren’t bazaar like the one on Sunday. As I wrote yesterday, it was a regular season game, not a playoff game.It was damaging to get a #1 seed, but a #2 seed is still in sight and so is a first round bye even if the Patriots lose at Pittsburgh on Sunday. That of course would open the door for Houston to get the #2 seed, but I have confidence that the Patriots can win a playoff game at home and win in Houston. I say Houston loses at Philadelphia in a couple of weeks anyway. So take it easy people and worry about your own teams. Don’t worry I don’t think the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl let alone win it because their defense stinks.
“Mad Dog” Russo went on a a major rant yesterday on MLB on Harold Baines not deserving to be in the Hall of fame. I agree and as I wrote yesterday he was a nice player, but he’s not a Hall of Famer!