NFL Week #15, Shrine Game And more Hall of Fame

NFL week #15. I stand at 123-68 after an 8-8 week last week.
Thursday December 13th
Kansas City over LA Chargers
Saturday December 15th
Houston over the NY Jets
Denver over Cleveland
Sunday December 16th
Atlanta over Arizona
Buffalo over Detroit
Chicago over Green Bay
Oakland over Cincinnati
Dallas over Indianapolis
Minnesota over Miami
NY Giants over Tennessee
Jacksonville over Washington
Baltimore over Tampa Bay
Seattle over San Francisco
Pittsburgh over NE Patriots
LA Rams over Philadelphia
Monday December 17th
New Orleans over Carolina
The New Hampshire Shrine football coach was announced a couple of weeks ago and there is still no announcement on the Vermont coach.
Why is that?
1. Could be the Shrine committee wants to stagger the announcement of the coaches so the game gets more publicity
2. It is possible the Shrine committee is having trouble finding a Vermont coach who wants the job
3. Maybe the Vermont coach has been chosen, but he has decided to step down and take a new position, maybe a college position so it has stalled the process a little bit. My opinion is that it’s either #2 or #3.
Jayson Stark is a great baseball writer and he was the Spinks Award winner and will enter the writers wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. It is well deserved.
Starks was fired by ESPN.Do you think at times that management and ownership just don’t get it?
ESPN sure doesn’t! ESPN has egg on its face today and what is really sad is they don’t even know it.
So Andrew Benintendi and Mookie Betts are switching places in the Red Sox line-up. That’s news? Maybe in April, but not in December!