Miracles, Hall of Fame And Gatorade

By Jack Healey
“Do you believe In miracles?” It’s not quite the same thrill I get when I hear the Al Michaels’ call, but it was unbelievable and indeed it was a miracle as Miami beat the Patriots on the game’s final play yesterday by a score of 34-33. Yes the Patriots left points on the board all over the place, but it still came down to the lousy defense. A bigger miracle to me is that the Patriots defense hasn’t really been that good in years and they still manage to do OK.
It’s funny it always seems that when you miss an extra point as the Patriots did yesterday, you end up chasing that point all day. Despite all the earlier mishaps the Patriots still had the lead with 7 seconds left and it was the defense that blew it. Nothing else that happened before is really relevant. It’s just like baseball if a closer blows a lead in the 9th, it really isn’t relevant what happened before that.
By the way the Dolphin radio team did a terrible job on the call of the winning touchdown. Too bad it wasn’t Al Michaels on the call. By the way it was Ian Eagle on the call on CBS and his call was excellent!!!!
I love the people who say that the Patriots may never recover from the terrible loss. Pittsburgh had a terrible loss yesterday too and the Patriots play in Pittsburgh this week. So what happens in that game? Could be a tie I guess, but you know what I mean.
The silver lining for the Patriots is that they still have a good shot for the #2 seed and it wasn’t the end of the season yesterday or the end of the world even though it seemed like it.
The baseball winter meetings are underway in Las Vegas and the “Today’s Game ERA Committee” has voted Harold Baines and Lee Smith for the Hall of Fame. I can see Lee Smith as he is 3rd all time on the career saves list, but Harold Baines? No way! He’s a nice player, but he’s not a Hall of Famer. You can’t blame the writers on this one because the 16 member committee is made up of former and present baseball owners, managers and players.
Former Yankee owner George Steinbrenner didn’t make it again and I absolutely believe he deserves to be in the Hall! There should be no doubt!
St. Johnsbury star Jake Cady has been named the Vermont High School Football Gatorade Player of the Year for 2018. Many in Rutland are upset that Rutland’s Dakota Peters didn’t get the nod. I believe either Jake or Dakota deserved the honor. Either one would’ve been a great choice and the choice was Jake Cady and congratulations to him!