NFL Draft

I don’t know anything about college football in the sense that I don’t have time to watch it all weekend long. I’m too busy actually broadcasting football. I’ll leave it up to the experts like Mel Kiper to decide who are the best players. The fact is nobody knows who is going to pan out and who isn’t. As former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick puts it..”It’s a crapshoot.!” Four quarterbacks taken in the top 10 and apparently the Cleveland Browns think the best one is Baker Mayfield since he went #1. The Jets took Sam Darnold at #3 out of USC and maybe he will be a Hall of Famer and maybe not. The Jets took another USC QB at #5 one year and that was Mark Sanchez and the only thing memorable about him was the “butt fumble.” There is a guy with the Patriots who you might’ve heard of who went in the 6th round and was taken #199. As I said I don’t know anything about college football, but in what I did see I thought the best quarterback was Josh Allen of Wyoming who went #7 to the Buffalo Bills. Time will tell.
Speaking of quarterbacks the Patriots apparently didn’t think enough of Lamar Jackson of Louisville to select him and they had a couple of opportunities to do so. I wonder what they didn’t like about him. They took an offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn of Georgia at #23 which was a need and at #31 running back Sony Michel of Georgia, who I did see play a couple of times and he looked pretty good to me and was a need, but I’m surprised the Pats didn’t go defense because of course it was the defense that cost them the Super Bowl. There are still six rounds to go and who knows who will be a star there? Chances are quite a few because as we’ve already said it really is a crap shoot anyway.