Did you eat Peanuts, Dorsey?

I love the NFL Draft. I enjoy it more now than ever before probably due to my love also for fantasy football. I like the idea of constructing a team, filling your needs as you see them. So, with that in mind I have some thoughts about all of the highlights, low lights, grades handed out by the “experts”, and the onslaught of negativity towards the Cleveland Browns.

OK, first. How man of you saw the video of Cleveland GM, John Dorsey, calling Baker Mayfield on to inform him that they were going to select the QB out of Oklahoma as the first pick in the 2018 draft? Did anyone else think any of the following thoughts: Boy this is a strange video? Where is Mr. Dorsey walking too? Did he put a whole bag of peanuts in his mouth before he made this call? Where has the world come to that it is cool to watch someone making a phone call that is equally as awkward? I mean, think about the conversation these guys are having.

Mr. Dorsey-“Baker, are you ready to be the #1 pick?”

Baker Mayfield- “Jeez, um, I don’t know, wait….I know I’ll make more money as the #1 pick, sure go ahead and take me. I know I’m committing professional suicide, or so it would seem, by going to the Browns but what the hell!”

It didn’t go quite like that but it’s very strange. It’s all part of the ever expanding social media/marketing genius, or lack thereof, that EVERYTHING has to be posted to EVERY social media account. What was Baker supposed to say when he was called? No thanks, I think I’d like to play in New York for the Giants(see luckiest quarterback to ever walk the planet and to win anything-Eli Manning).

On another note, I find it equally odd that Todd Bowles, the New York Jets losing coach, of acting like a kid in a candy store after the J-E-T-S got Sam Darnold with the third pick. He didn’t come right out and say it but it was clear he thought that the JETS had the better guy, thus the Browns screwed up. If we’ve learned anything over the past 10 years we should probably believe they both tanked their first picks(although I’m going to argue a case for Cleveland and Mayfield later). We’ll see if the SoCal boy, Darnold, can handle the Big Apple. As for Bowles, if the JETS suck again this year he’ll be out of the Big Apple along with his crap eatin’ grin.

So who were the winners and losers? The “experts” as I pointed out earlier are throwing out draft grades like they are some sort of Nostradamus. Well he wasn’t right on everything, and I guarantee you they aren’t either. And what’s with just about everyone getting ridiculous high marks? Nobody is willing to to say that someone’s draft absolutely sucked? I mean, did everyone hit a home run with every pick? Surely the Browns pick has to be leaving everyone a little stunned? How do you not pick Bradley Chubb there? A cornerback over the best defensive player in the draft? He better be a hall of famer, meaning the corner back, or you just flat out blew it with that pick. I’ll be honest. I saw the guys name when they picked him, and have since forgotten it, and ain’t looking it up. Now, if I can’t remember the guys name might not mean a whole hell of a lot I guess. But still, I’m a pretty big NFL fan, and as I said, fan of the draft. This was a reach that even Teofilo Stevenson would have been proud of. Look him up. Long reach, trust me.

OK, more on Baker Mayfield. I personally think the guy is exactly who the Browns should have picked. A mid-western collegiate resume with very good accuracy. A guy who can handle the elements of Cleveland weather in December. A proven winner and a proven leader. Yeah, he got arrested while out drunk one night. After watching that video I’m wondering what he did that was so egregious. Maybe I just missed something. Seems like that could have been handled a little differently, probably by both parties. Either way, I think Mayfield has a solid career. I think Bradley Chubb is a Hall of Famer in waiting. Could have been a home run draft for the Browns instead it was a double. But again, who am I to second guess a guy with a proven track record in John Dorsey? The only thing I legitimately can second guess is the guy’s inability to speak without making sure all of his food/peanuts have been swallowed before getting on the phone.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add my two cents as to how my Vikings draft went. At this point it’s hard to second guess anything Rick Spielman does. The longtime GM of the Minnesota Vikings has had some pretty solid drafts over the last few years. Picking at #30, due to recent on field success, isn’t exactly the most lucrative spot. I had never heard of Mike Hughes as I don’t watch college football. He seems like a freak athlete with a little Randy Moss off field baggage. If he turns out like Randy Moss on the field, albeit on defense, then the Vikings have hit a Grand Slam!

Finally, as I was watching the draft the other night and from pick 3 through 10 I got every selection right. Won 20 bucks from a complete stranger whom I bet with on the 5th pick(which was a no-brainer but the guy I bet with apparently didn’t have a brain) as the Broncos selected Chubb. He wouldn’t bet with me anymore. The Draft is fun.

On to the Celtics/B’s/Sox:

I’m happy for the Celtics as they got through round 1 against a very tough Bucks squad. Of course, Giannis almost traveled his way into the second round but couldn’t quite get over the top. That guy Middleton though! Holy heck. I don’t know when he is a free agent but he just made himself about 100 million dollars over 5 years when his next contract is due. That dude is a combination of Alex English/Adrian Dantley/Vinnie Johnson/and yup, Larry freakin’ Bird. I said it. He was unstoppable in that series as much as Antotekounmpo. Fact. Unstoppable. Either way, bring on the Sixers.

All we have been hearing is how damn good the Sixers are and blah blah blah. Maybe they are gonna steamroll the Celts. Who knows? I know Celts fans know we have Brad Stevens and they have, um let me think of what that coach’s name is…..um……Brett Brown. NBA coaching record-127 wins, 283 losses. Brad Stevens NBA coaching record-221-189. I like our chances.

I believe Greg Monroe has to play some minutes in this series against Joel Embiid. We need his physicality and size to match up with Embiid. The guy is unreal. And the Sixers can shoot. That’s going to be the biggest issue. If Philly can break down the Celtics defense with dribble penetration it’s all over but the weeping and swishing. Saric and Reddick and Belinelli will put on a clinic. Swisher Sweets will sponsor them.

Here’s a question I gotta ask. How come Al Horford can’t do what he did in Game 7 vs. the Bucks night in and night out? We need 20 and 14 from him EVERY NIGHT! Not 10 and 10. He needs that type of performance home and away for the C’s to have any chance in this one.

The B’s are looking good. I watch playoff hockey. I watch about 2 games during the regular season. The line of Pastrnak, Marchand, and Bergeron was spectacular yesterday. Can they sustain it? I think they can. I think the B’s will move on to round three and beat Tampa 4 games to 2.

The Sox might be headed for a serious slide if Mookie Betts’ hamstring is in bad shape. The straw that stirs the drink, Betts, out of the top of the order would be devastating to the Sox. They just got Xander back and have now lost Holt and Betts(who knows how long here maybe it was just precautionary yesterday). I have to give Brock Holt some props. I’ve hammered him on social media. Have to admit, he’s been great, I was on him too early. Hopefully when he comes back he can maintain his pace at the plate. I have my doubts, unfortunately.