Jack Healey’s Blog July 31st, 2017

Yesterday Adrian Beltre picked up his 3000th career hit and I congratulate him because it is a tremendous accomplishment. It’s ¬†funny how everybody says he’s a lock for the Hall of Fame yet he’s on the 2003 PED list which is the same list that David Ortiz is on. Pudge Rodriguez who was inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday and Roberto Alomar who is in the Hall of Fame and Pedro Martinez who is in the Hall of Fame are all on that same PED 2003 list. The list was never supposed to be made public yet Ortiz’s name along with a few others on the list were outed. I get the DH argument with Ortiz, but the link to the list is just unfair. The list was merely a sample to see if there would be official testing in the future.

It’s ridiculous when people say that Ortiz is getting a free pass. It’s just the opposite.

Jonny Gomes who was doing the color on NESN for the Red Sox over the weekend didn’t do a bad job, but I just can’t get by his monotone. His monotone would go well on NPR.