Jack Healey’s Blog July 28th, 2017

Don’t look now, but the Yankees are only a half game behind the Red Sox now in the American League East. Brett Gardner who led off the last of the 9th with a triple and scored the tying run, hit a walk-off solo homer in the last of the 11th. Gardner might be the most underrated player in major league baseball and is the blood and guts of the Yankees. He is some ball player!

Will David Price be booed tonight at Fenway Park? Good question as the incident on the plane with Dennis Eckersley continues to gain steam on Boston talk radio. One radio station in Boston just won’t let it go. It could be much ado about nothing. A certain radio show reported yesterday that one of the players who applauded when Price was confronting Eckersley was Dustin Pedroia. They continued to say it was Pedroia even though WEEI.com reported that it wasn’t Pedroia. I don’t know who’s right, but if there are conflicting stories stop saying it. To continue to say it without 100 % knowing ¬†is bush league and unprofessional!

Hard to believe that Shrine players will report to camp at Castleton this Sunday. To me the biggest Vermont sports story of 2016 was Vermont’s win over New Hampshire in the Shrine Game last year. I don’t care what players weren’t playing for New Hampshire, it was a huge story!

The Legion baseball championship will be decided today at the Maxfield Sports Complex in White River at 3PM as Franklin County takes on White River Post 84.  Franklin County would win the championship with a victory in game 1, but if White River wins a 2nd game would be played for the championship.