Jack Healey’s Blog July 25th, 2017

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe had an account yesterday of a confrontation between NESN’s Dennis Eckersley and David Price on a team flight. The fact that there was a confrontation is old news and was reported several weeks ago,but the article yesterday goes into more detail. You can read the article on line so no need to go into that here, but the most disturbing thing to me was that after Price confronted Eckersley many of the players applauded. Also there was apparently a confrontation between Jackie Bradley, Jr. and Eckersley as well at another time. I didn’t think Bradley was like that, but apparently he is.

All that being said, athletes being surly with the media is nothing new whether it be one on one or in a larger venue. You see it all the time in press conferences.

I once introduced myself to former Red Sox catcher Rich Gedman and told him that I wanted to get a few words from him. He didn’t say a word and chomped on an apple he was holding and he walked away. That was like 30 years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.

Yes many pro athletes are jerks, not all of them, but many are and that’s just the way it is.