Jack Healey’s Blog July 24th, 2017

The State American Legion Baseball Tournament is still going on at the Maxwell Sports Complex in White Rive and the two teams that were in the championship last year state champ Brattleboro and Rutland were the first two teams eliminated this year. By the way the Maxfield Sports Complex is fantastic!

The Red Sox are bringing up 20 year old third baseman Rafael Devers and his debut is tomorrow night against Seattle. Some fans may think it’s a panic move, but I disagree. The Sox have not been able to find an answer at third base so why not give the kid a shot?

Why can’t non-Red Sox fans give Jackie Bradley Jr. credit for his great catch last week against the Yankees? No it wasn’t the greatest catch ever and no Jackie isn’t better than Willie Mays, but it was a great catch…. plain and simple. I take it back, it was a spectacular catch! Give the guy credit GEEZ!