Jack Healey’s Blog August 1st, 2017

The trade deadline came and went and the Yankees getting Sonny Gray from Oakland is huge. The big thing for me is that Gray is signed for the next two years.

The Red Sox made out OK with the acquisition of Addison Reed. He is a free agent at the end of the season, but he helps solidify the back end of the bullpen in the short term. The Red Sox bullpen has the third best ERA in the American League, but to me it doesn’t pass the eye test.Reed is an upgrade. Right now the Yankees are better than the Red Sox if they weren’t already.

I think the talk of David Price going to the DL to avoid what could’ve been a hostile crowd is complete hogwash!

  1. The Red Sox are in a pennant race and they need him.
  2. ¬†Players don’t make it to the major leagues by avoiding tough situations. They aren’t made up that way.