Jack Healey’s Blog August 22nd, 2017

I’ve said before that I’m reluctant to criticize a baseball manager, but my patience is running thin for John Farrell. He sure as hell doesn’t know how to handle a bullpen. I don’t see his love affair with Matt Barnes. Barnes has been terrible. Granted a 3.60 ERA overall, but 1.95 at home and 5.53 on the road. Don’t use him on the road then or pick your spots. I know that isn’t realistic, but sometimes you got to look at stuff like that. The Red Sox have the 2nd best bullpen ERA in the American league, but they just don’t pass the eye test to me. Much of that has to be attributed to Craig Kimbrel.

I know Addison Reed wasn’t available last night because he pitched two consecutive days before that, but you got to ride that horse when you can.

In the post season that isn’t as much as a problem because there are more off days, but Farrell has got to be better or there won’t be any post season for the Sox!

Happy 78th birthday Carl Yastrzemski!