Jack Healey Blog October 19th, 2016

My guess is that most high school football fans don’t understand the concept of the QPR standings.

In Division 3 it’s possible that Poultney/MSJ and Spaulding could tie for the 8th and final playoff spot. The tie breaking procedure could come down to a coin flip.I agree with George Commo who suggests the two teams should meet on Monday at a neutral site and play a quarter to see who gets to the playoffs. At least it would be settled on the field. Of course all this might be a moot point.

A few years ago when the replacement officials were being used in the NFL while the regular officials were out fans were whining about the terrible officiating and were clamoring for the regular officials to get back to work. I was one who felt that they weren’t any worse than the regular officials. I stand by that statement. Have you noticed how bad the officiating is? It’s terrible and it has been for a long time.

When I read the drivel on facebook and twitter about a variety of  subjects endlessly I am reminded that  for the most part the media isn’t so bad after all. I rather read what Bob Ryan or Peter Gammons have to say  any day!