Jack Healey Blog October 18th, 2016

Oh those Cleveland Indians! They’re up now 3-0 in the ALCS. I got to tell you I am somewhat surprised as I thought Toronto would win in 6. It isn’t over yet, but being down 0-3 is nearly impossible or is it? I think it’s been done before and I think the manager of the team that’s up 3-0 is somewhat aware of the possibility!

Another mediocre NFL week. I went 8-7 and my overall total is 50-42.

Of course there is a lot of luck involved. For example I took Indianapolis over Houston. Houston blows a 14 point 4th quarter lead and loses in overtime. That’s not bad luck? Of course it is.

I still don’t like the Patriots defense. It is about the defense and it has been for years. They don’t get off the field enough on 3rd down. They just don’t!

Stephen Gostkowski worries me too. You have to confident that your kicker is going to make a field goal. Didn’t hurt them on Sunday, but it could in the future.