Jack Healey Blog May 22nd, 2017

I’m as shocked as anybody that the Celtics have won a a game in this series against Cleveland. I thought that game 7 against Washington was their last win of the year. The victory last night might be their last one, but it just showed that this team has a lot of heart! 

As you know South Burlington High School has dropped the nickname “Rebels” and there were three nicknames up for vote. The “Huskies”, “Wolves” and “Pride”.

The students voted for “Wolves” which is also the nickname for Peoples Academy. “Huskies” is also the nickname at Cabot High School. I would’ve voted for “Pride” because the other two nicknames are already being used, but I don’t get a vote.

There are duplicate nicknames in Vermont: It’s both the Essex “Hornets” and the Enosburg “Hornets” and the Windsor “ Yellowjackets” and the Milton “Yellowjackets”.

     The South Burlington “Rebels” are gone, but we still have the Leland & Gray “Rebels”. The Rice “Little Indians” are gone, but we still have the Danville “Indians” and the Green Mountain “Chieftains”. It’s no longer the Rutland “Red Raiders”, it’s the Rutland “Raiders”, but the arrowhead logo is still being used containing RR. The RR does stand for Rutland “Raiders”.

Don’t get be going about the CVU “Red Hawks” that used to be the CVU “Crusaders”.