George Commo’s Blog – Monday 5/22/17

Sometimes things happen in sports … things you just would never expect. After what we saw in Games 1 and 2 who would have called the Celtics over the Cavaliers in Game 3? Okay, I’m waiting … no sir I don’t believe you. NO ONE DID! ¬†Down double digits again. No IT. This team had NO CHANCE. This is why you’ve got to love sports. There are likelihoods .. but no certainties. Play the game. You never know what will happen.


Meanwhile the Red Sox got 15 hits from their inconsistent offense and a stopper like performance from Eduardo Rodriguez yesterday to salvage at least one win from there lost weekend in Oakland. By the way did you notice who was right in the middle of the homerun happy A’s lineup this weekend? Yup, Vermont Lake Monsters alum Chad Pinder. Pinder was the guy we never saw enough of in Burlington. His Lake Monsters season was dogged by injuries, but he is developing into a real big league power threat with the big club.