Pat Benetar hits harder than Tyler Austin and Joe Kelly combined!

By Eric Berry

It’s hard for a guy like me to keep quiet when it comes to the Yankees/Red Sox and ‘The Brawl’. More like an unglorified wrestling match. So here’s my thoughts, take ‘em or leave ‘em;

Tyler Austin, by rule, and by all accounts on video did spike Brock Holt. If I was Holt, and if somehow Alex Cora God forbid puts him in the lineup tonight, I would borrow Curt Schilling’s sock to put on.

Joe Kelly intentionally retaliated and will be given at least 3 games to think about it. Good news is he won’t be able to walk anyone during that time off-well maybe not-with Kelly he might still be able to pull that off.

Watching these two fight was like watching Phil Scott sign the gun reform bill. Each looked uncommitted and awkward, just like Phil.

I really didn’t see what was going on with Alex Cora and Phil Nevin. However, Nevin-who never tested positive for steroid use but weirdly protested the testing of it(this sounds a little fishy right?) went into a rage that looked a little, shall we say, “roidish”?

Man, Aaron Judge moved the pile, didn’t he? Everyone talks about how Gronk could be an action movie star, how about Judge? The Judge and Jury. Sounds like a movie title, right? Further, Joe Kelly should be sending Judge a Christmas card.

We’ll need to make a trade for some bigger guys to protect Benny, Mookie, JBJ, and Holt. Let’s trade Holt for some big dude. Let’s do that right now.

It’s funny, all last year Jerry Remy said that Manny Machado’s slide was no big deal. However, last night he said that the slide affected, and hurt, Dustin Pedroia’s knee in effect all year long because of it. Might be waffling more than Phil Scott at this point.

Had Holt, however, just turned to make a throw to first base, you know like any other normal second basemen, it would probably have been ruled a DP. Hard to blame Brock who was probably wondering like the Talking Heads of the 80’s, “how did I get here”?

It is interesting to see Yankees fans, and Red Sox fans, diametrically opposing views on the subject on Facebook. Of course, Yankees fans still to this day feel like Craig Nettles didn’t ruin Bill Lee’s career so there’s that to ruin credibility. As for some Sox fans, most have no idea what the rivalry is all about. Especially those born after 1999. I am trying to teach my son the right way, that’s all you Yankees fans need to know. Ha-ha.

Last thought on the brawl. It was good for baseball. At least that’s what us Red Sox/Yankees-centric fans think. Not sure the rest of the world cares, other than the TV rights guys.

Has the NBA ever seen more parity in the league than what we’re seeing now? Certainly, there has never been 8-10 teams who have been so solid all year long. It came down to the last game of the season for many teams to decide seeding, and if they were even in, or out of the playoffs.

I think anything can happen in the Western Conference playoffs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Trailblazers in the conference finals. As for the East, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sixers were in the finals. No team is hotter. Perhaps no team is better. Can’t wait for Kyrie and Gordon to get healthy(unsure Kyrie ever will be with that knee) for next year and the ensuing rivalry with the 76ers. Welcome Back to the 80’s!

Despite the parity, here’s my NBA champion. The Houston Rockets. They cannot be guarded. New word-unguardable-see Houston Rockets, 2018.

Alright, back to work, enjoy your Spring?