NBA Playoffs and The Brawl

Here are my first round predictions for the first round of the NBA playoffs:
Golden State over San Antonio in 6
Oklahoma City over Utah in 6
Houston over Minnesota in 4
Toronto over Washington in 6
Philadelphia over Miami in 6
Portland over New Orleans in 6
Cleveland over Indiana in 5
Celtics over Milwaukee in a tough 7 game series. I’m giving all the credit to Brad Stevens. What a coaching job this season.
As I wrote yesterday I put most of the blame if not all of the blame on the Red Sox for the brawl on Wednesday night, but come on Suzyn Waldman! She said that Joe Kelly was messing with Tyler Austin’s life on the hit by pitch. She was implying that Kelly threw at his head which of course is 100% false. of course he wasn’t! That’s the broadcast team of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman for ya!