Jack Healey’s Blog April 12th, 2018

This latest Red Sox-Yankees fracas is on the Red Sox! Of course it is. Austin’s slide into 2nd wasn’t that bad and Brock Holt’s reaction was a way “over reaction” as far as I’m concerned. Come on Brock! Then of course Kelly hitting Austin with the pitch was ridiculous too. No this one is on the Sox!
Remember a couple of years ago when many fans were saying that Tampa Bay was really the Sox’ rival now. Of course I didn’t agree with that then and I always thought that statement was a joke! It’s been the Red Sox vs. Yankees forever and it always will be!
Five more NHL first round playoff series get underway tonight:
Bruins hosting Toronto. Bruins in 6. I don’t trust Tukka Rask though! Explain to me again how he’s elite.
New Jersey at Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay in 5
Columbus at Washington. Washington in 7.
Colorado at Nashville. Nashville in 5.
San Jose at Anaheim. Anaheim in 6.