Great comeback, but it’s a good thing no one knew the Heimlich maneuver on the Atlanta sideline!

First of all let me say this:  I’m very happy for my son.  As for the rest of you Pats fans, especially the ones posting stuff on Facebook like “it’s all over, I’m going to bed”, or “they just didn’t have it tonight”, I could care less for your joy.  You should know better.  You have the greatest quarterback AND the greatest coach in the history of the NFL.  And it ain’t close.  Not only that, you have a bunch of play makers, and mental toughness that is unmatched.  You also didn’t have Kyle Shanahan-which was a good thing for you.  Dan Quinn had seen what happens when you don’t run the ball when you should-two years ago in a Seattle loss as an assistant coach-and he too should have known better.  It was a great comeback, and a colossal choke job.

It’s 2nd and 11 with a little over 3 minutes to play.  You have Matt Bryant on your sideline-arguably the best clutch kicker in NFL history(see the stats), right up there with Vinatieri(albeit Adam has made more playoff/meaningful kicks to be sure), and you don’t try to get 3 or 4 yards?  Last I knew Devonta Freeman was looking pretty damn good running the ball.  It’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever seen.  Couple that with taking two meaningless time outs in the second half and you had a recipe for some seriously clogged windpipes on that Atlanta sideline.  CHOKE.  As much of a comeback win it was for the Pats, it was that much of a, let me capitalize it again for effect, CHOKE by the Falcons.  On to James White.

The Patriots offense takes what the opposing defense gives them.  In turn, Atlanta’s defense made James White into a New England folk hero. Hell, a legend.  They tried a rookie linebacker on him for most of the game.  Maybe Atlanta hadn’t seen what happened this year on video-you know, where the Patriots utilize their running backs out of the backfield for dump off passes, swing routes, etc.  Wow.

Lost on all of this is the fact that Atlanta’s offense was hardly on the field the entire game.  Call me crazy but despite Atlanta’s 28-3 lead, I thought they had been basically dominated.  Time of possession, etc.  Two turnovers caused the huge deficit; a fumble that cost LeGarrette Blount any significant play the rest of the way, and a horrific pick six throw by Tom Brady.

Regardless, after the experts go back and look through this game they’ll realize that as epic of a turnaround as it was, guided by the guy whom no one can argue any longer about being the best winning/clutch quarterback ever, Brady.  It was a purple face, too much hot sauce, something is caught in my throat choke job by the Falcons and their coaching staff.

Congrats Pats fans.  But please, next time save the wine/whine and cheese for after the game.