George Commo’s Blog – Monday 2/6/17


Yup, when Tom Brady threw the pick-six in the second quarter last night I went searching for other options on the tube. I stumbled across the greatest movie ever made, Casablanca, and settled into watching the events at Rick’s American Cafe. Oh, by the way, Humphrey Bogart has the lead late but Paul Henreid comes from behind to win Ingrid Bergman at the end … with the help of a couple of bizarre calls by Bogie.

I didn’t totally give up on the game in Houston … guess I missed a special performance by Lady Gaga … but I kept updating things on my tablet.  When 28-3 went to 28-9 and then 28-20 and Bogart and Claude Rains walked off into the fog I switched back … just in time to see Julio Jones make the greatest Super Bowl catch that people will  never remember. I stayed from there till the end … if you missed it the Patriots came back too. Paul Henreid would be proud.