Jack Healey Blog February 6th, 2017

Full disclosure! I didn’t stay up for the whole Super Bowl and I know I missed perhaps the greatest game of all-time. I get up really early so that’s my excuse, but if the Patriots were ahead at halftime I would’ve stayed up, but they were down 21-3 and I couldn’t take the prospect of Lady Ga Ga for an hour before the game got underway again.

Anyway I did get up when my sister called and told me the Patriots had won and I watched the post game stuff and hi-lites.

A few things:

I was all set to say that the Patriots defense was as bad as I thought it was. It was actually  pretty good only giving up 21 points.

I was also all set to say that Atlanta’s defense was way better than I thought it was, but they obviously gave it up in the 2nd half.

I don’t care if people think that Tom Brady is the best ever or not, but I will say this that his legacy was cemented anyway win or lose last night. Who is the best is opinion anyway.

Was Julian Edleman’s catch better than David Tyree’s catch in the first Pats-Giants Super Bowl? Maybe, maybe not. If you think it was so be it. It’s a matter of opinion. I love it when people have an opinion on various subjects and think their opinion is right and everybody else’s is wrong. That’s the way they can win their argument or so they think.

Last night is why you can never score too many points. Don’t worry about whether people think you’re piling it on.

I’m surprised that Terrell Owens wasn’t named to the NFL Hall of Fame. I’m sure he will make it next year.