Celtics Yes! Bruins No!

Celtics yes and Bruins no is opposite from what I thought going into their respective Eastern Conference semi-final series as you can look back at what I wrote. The Bruins lost in a series that I thought they would win and the Celtics won in a series I thought they would lose.
The Celtics wrapped up their series in 5 games over Philly in a game that went to the wire. It was a hard fought series and the Celtics are happy that it wrapped up last night. Think about it if Philly won, it would’ve gone to Philadelphia for game 6 and who knows about a game 7. I didn’t think the Celtics would beat Philadelphia and I don’t think they beat Lebron and Cleveland either. I see Cleveland winning the Eastern Conference finals in 6. I think this Celtics team is on borrowed time, but their story has been remarkable.
The Yankees win again and they have been remarkable as well. They have won 17 out of 18. I predicted that the Yankees would win the AL East by 5 to 8 games, but as Mad Dog Russo said on MLB the other day the Yankees might win by at least 10 games. The Red Sox are good, but the Yankees are better and have no holes in that line-up, their starting pitching isn’t that bad and their bull pen is lights out. Of course as Red Sox fans have been reminded so many times, it’s only May!