David Price Again

David Price has been scratched from his start against the Yankees tonight because of numbness in his pitching hand.The first reaction from fans would be that he is ducking out because he doesn’t want to face the Yankees and possibly get lit up. Don’t ever think that with elite athletes. They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t have the courage to compete. They all do! If Price isn’t pitching, he isn’t healthy and hopefully for his sake and the Red Sox’ sake he’s OK. I’ve been critical of Price in the past and I have been in this blog recently, but I would never want to be critical if he isn’t healthy.
Man oh man will the Yankees ever lose a game again? 16 out of 17 is pretty impressive, but right now the Sox and Yankees are dead even in the AL East. By the way does anybody else cringe when Heath Hembree comes into a game? I sure do!
James Paxton pitched a no hitter for Seattle last night against Toronto so you think it was the 2nd no-hitter thrown this season right? Sean Manaea of course threw a no-hitter against the Red Sox in April, but did you know that four Dodger pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter against San Diego last Saturday night? It probably got lost in everything else going on over the weekend plus it was a game played in Mexico, but I don’t think the combined no- hitters are a big deal anyway. Does anybody remember all the pitchers in a combined no-hitter? I think not. Nothing against the individual pitchers, but combined no-hitters are hardly the same as one guy doing it. Come on! That’s why I never could understand why there was so much hoopla over the Lake Monster’s combined no-hitter a couple of years ago. Yes first no-hitter in Lake Monster’s history and I get that part, but a combined no-hitter isn’t that big of a deal!