Fouls, Traveling, Calls And No Calls!

The NBA has come out with a statement saying that there should’ve been a foul called against the Celtics when Philadelphia’s Joel Embid had the ball in the closing seconds of game 5 and eventually lost it out of bounds. The NBA also says that traveling should’ve been called against Marcus Smart when he stole the ball at the end of the game which would’ve given the ball to Philly with about 1.5 seconds left. I thought Smart traveled as well, but as you know traveling is seldom called in the NBA. I don’t think Embid was fouled even though I wouldn’t have been surprised if a foul was called. Anyway nobody can say that Philly would’ve won the game, let alone the series if those calls went the other way. Embid was 70.5% from the free throw line in the playoffs. It’s great that the NBA says they made a mistake, but what about the hundreds of other calls during a series that could’ve gone the other way?
I hate to sound like one of those neurotic Red Sox fans, but why is Heath Hembree still on the team? He is pathetic! By the way I’m not just a neurotic Red Sox fan, I’m neurotic anyway!