Who Cares?

Seriously who cares about the NFL Pro Bowl? It is by far the worst pro all star game of them all. Also who cares that all seven Patriot players named dropped out? Players drop out of that game like flies all the time. Get over it! The NHL All Star game isn’t much better even though the 3 on 3 format might be somewhat interesting for a minute or two. Alex Ovechkin dropped out of that game by the way.

I might change my mind by next week, but I think Denver is going to get smoked in the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl 50 Golden team has been announced and I have no problem with it. Joe Montana is the quarterback and deservedly so. The only Patriot named is still playing with the Indianapolis Colts. Adam Vinatieri is the place kicker. Who else could it be?

NSN is a broadcast company, but NSN also seems to be the cradle of coaches. CEO Eric Berry is the girls varsity basketball coach at Lyndon Institute, part time color commentator Brian Hill is the golf coach at Castleton University, former hockey and soccer color commentator Mike Coppinger is the assistant  Rutland High girls varsity soccer coach, former NSN salesman Jack Rogers is the boys varsity basketball coach at Mill River, former field hockey color commentator Darlene Janoski is an assistant track coach at Fair Haven Union High School. Finally Sam Major who is the color commentator for Castleton hockey has just been named as the new varsity baseball coach at Mill River. Congratulations Sam!