Random Thoughts

Just sitting back and thinking about a few random sports things going on right now so I thought I’d throw them out there:

By most accounts, especially those in fantasy football circles, Matt Ryan had a terrible year.  With that knowledge how is it that he finishes in the top 5 in NFL statistics, and yet, Eli Manning goes to the Pro Bowl ahead of him.  Several other QB’s turned down the opportunity, including Aaron Rodgers, but still, what gives?

Want more on that?  OK.  Eli threw more picks than anyone else in the NFL(cue Giants fan incessant whining about tipped balls causing all 18 picks) and for less yardage than Ryan, and also had a lower completion percentage.  He did throw for 14 more TD’s, but let’s face it, it’s a little strange.

I watched some hockey highlights this morning on sports center and saw Dennis Wideman’s cross check of the linesman, Don Henderson, in a game last night.  Absolutely unacceptable.  Henderson’s back must be in some kind of awful shape today.  Wideman, meanwhile, said he didn’t do it intentionally.  Watch the video, you be the judge.  It’s awful.  No way he didn’t do that on purpose. No freaking way.

The Celtics won another game last night but for some reason I just cannot warm up to Isaiah Thomas.  Decent numbers again, and he usually has them night in and night out, but for me I just think he looks for his shot too much.  The floaters in the lane are the most irritating to me.

Vermont hoop season is hitting its stretch run.  I don’t know if other coaches do the same thing but I send a lot of time looking at the current rankings.  Too much time probably.  It’s just hard not to prognosticate where you’ll end up, right coaches?

I witnessed, and called, an unbelievable hockey game last night between Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy in which the Vikings came from behind to win 7-5.  Michal Stinil and his linemate, Krystoff Vanek, are something when they get it going.  To that point though, equally impressive to me last night was the St. Johnsbury line of Jared Rutledge, Christian Kapourkanidis, and Mihail Sourgiadakis.  Goalis Herman Troeng and Tyler Vosinek I thought played well, while giving up more goals than either of them wanted to.

We receive emails from time to time from our fans wanting to know why we don’t cover certain games.  And, to their credit, I think a lot of the times we miss the boat too, however, in order to cover these games we need sponsorship.  While we want ALL Vermont sports to be live on our website, and ultimately that’s our goal, it’s going to take more time, and more support.

That’s all I got. Have a great day!