More Antonio Brown And NFL Week #1

By Jack Healey
I’m sure we will be talking about Antonio Brown for awhile.
Cut the bull about Patriot fans badmouthing him and then greeting him with open arms. I’m a Patriots fan and I never bad mouthed him once. I also wanted the Patriots to sign him as I’ve mentioned here before. Every fan base was bad mouthing Antonio Brown and every fan base would’ve greeted him with open arms. What a bunch of hypocrites!
Why does anybody care about what the Patriots did anyway? I can understand if you’re in the same division or conference, but if you’re a Giant fan or a Dallas fan why would you care?
It’s the Patriots that’s why. If it was any place else it would’ve been crickets.
I know Giant fans who thought Odell Beckham, Jr. was the greatest receiver ever, but when he was traded they turned on him.
By the way wasn’t Le’Veon Bell disgruntled with Pittsburgh too? I don’t remember hearing too much about him from anybody. Oh that’s right he wasn’t picked up by the Patriots. Pretty simple isn’t it? It’s not about the player, it’s about the Patriots!
By the way Felger and Mazz were pathetic yesterday on the “Sports Hub” in Boston. I can accept disagreement, but just stupid crap is no different than what the average person would write on facebook or twitter. Does Mazz ever disagree with Felger? He’s like a little wimpy puppy. How does he even have a job?I don’t expect Felger to get it, he didn’t grow up in Boston, but I do expect Mazz to get it. He grew up in the Boston area.
I don’t expect it to be all positive talk about the home teams, but I don’t expect negative crap talk either just for the hell of it!
Week #1 in the NFL I went 10-5.