Antonio Brown, Dave Dombrowski And High School Football

By Jack Healey
From a football point of view only, who wouldn’t want Antonio Brown on their team? This isn’t high school, it’s the pros! I never called Antonio Brown anything, but a great football player and quite frankly I wanted the Patriots to grab him if they could and they did.
The reason fans are complaining that the Patriots signed Brown is that they are jealous. It has nothing to do with Brown being a trouble maker wherever he’s been. Fans don’t care about that. It makes the Patriots better and they know it! Otherwise why would fans care whether the Patriots signed him or not. If he signed elsewhere most fans wouldn’t be saying a peep.
I don’t think even the Patriot beat writers understand what the term “Patriot Way” means.It’s not necessarily about having good guys, it’s about putting the best team on the field consistently year after year period. It’s called winning! That’s the “Patriot Way!” The Patriots have had a lot of bad guys over the years and a few toed the line and were just fine like Corey Dillon and Randy Moss etc. If you don’t toe the line, you’re gone and that would be the case with Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon or anybody else. Contrary to what idiot Patriot haters think, Aaron Hernandez wasn’t still on the roster after he was accused of murder. Come on man!!!
Antonio Brown on the roster doesn’t guarantee a championship even if he doesn’t act up, but if he does act up he’s gone! That also is the “Patriot Way”!
I wrote this blog before I read Dan Shaughnessey’s column in the Boston Globe today. Shaughnessey’s column was predictable and he proves my point here.
Some of the comments from the public were as usual ridiculous, but others were very good. The good ones were the ones who disagreed with Shaughnessey.
I’m surprised that Dave Dombrowski was fired as the Red Sox President of Baseball Operations. I know the Sox have been disappointing this year and Dombrowski didn’t address the bull pen and other needs this year,but the luxury tax hindered him somewhat and I think he should’ve been given another year. He was under contract through 2020 anyway. He did win a World Series championship in 2018 didn’t he?
I was humbled in the high school football picks in week #2. I went 7-8 and I now stand at 17-12. George was 8-7 and stands at 15-14.
The Rutland vs. St. Johnsbury football game last Friday night had 2700 views. Pretty impressive! Business owners should be knocking down our doors to advertise!