Get Your Calculator Ready!

A whopping 829 points were scored by the winning teams in the 17 high school football games over the weekend, an average of 49 points per game.

One team in the 80’s, that was MSJ’s 84 on Friday night, two teams scored in the 70’s, Otter Valley which scored 77 and Winooski which scored 70 in the loss to MSJ. Their total we didn’t even count here because they lost. Three teams in the 60’s, two in the 50’s, five in the 40’s, three in the 30’s, one in the 20’s and one in the teens. On top of that there was a streaker who ran 90 yards in about two seconds at the Rutland-Mt. Anthony game. A historic weekend in high school football!

You can watch the streaker in all his glory on the archives of the Rutland-Mt. Anthony game on