Bruins And Blues OH My!

By Jack Healey
It’s the Bruins vs. St. Louis in the Stanley Cup Final. I’m going with the Bruins in 6. I picked San Jose in 6 against St. Louis. After San Jose won game 3 in overtime on the controversial hand pass goal, the Sharks went up 2 games to 1. San Jose never won another game as St. Louis came back to win three straight games and won the series. So much for momentum…..AGAIN!!!!
The last time the Bruins and St. Louis met in the Stanley Cup Final was in 1970 when the Bruins won in 4 straight with the famous Bobby Orr goal in overtime in game 4.That goal will probably be shown about 1000 times over the next couple of weeks. Why not? It should be!
At $20 a piece for tickets it was near capacity last night at the TD Garden for a Bruins intra-squad game. Unbelievable!!!
Why are the World Ice Hockey Championships being played at the same time as the NHL playoffs?
It will be 385 Feet to straight away center at London’s Olympic Stadium for the two game series between the Red Sox and Yankees in June. What do you think the over-under of combined home-runs hit in the two games will be? I say about 100.
CC Sabathia is a Hall of Famer. I think Jim Kaat and Tommy John are Hall of Famers too!
Still looking for potential sponsors in the Rutland area to jump on board on NSN for Rutland High football. I wish everybody in the state was as good as St. Johnsbury, Lyndonville and Danville for advertising on local sports.