The Preakness And The PGA!

By Jack Healey
I don’t know about you, but I’m generally only interested in horse racing when it’s the triple crown races and especially when a horse is going for the triple crown. I generally see who wins the Kentucky Derby and then I root for that horse in the Preakness and hopefully is still in the running for the triple crown going into the Belmont. Of course that isn’t the case this year, but I was still watching the Preakness and all the pre race stuff even though I’ve probably had my fill of Bob Baffert and Mike Smith stories.Anyway I was watching and as you know the jockey on Bodexpress fell off right away and off went Bodexpress and like Forrest Gump he kept on running! I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. I wasn’t paying any attention to who was winning I was only interested in what Bodexpress was doing. As I write this I don’t remember who actually won the race. Hold on let me look it up……. It was “War of Will”. I think “War of Will” will be just the answer to an obscure trivia question in the future. Pretty good trivia question already as I couldn’t remember just two days later.
To the PGA and hats off to Brooks Koepka who had a big lead and saw it dwindle to one stroke and then he recovered to win despite the “your’re choking taunts” from the crowd. Pretty classless!
I root for Tiger Woods, but I’m a Brooks Koepka fan now too!