Why The Press Conference?

By Jack Healey
I saw the Red Sox press conference held by the brass yesterday and my question is if they couldn’t answer about 90% of the questions then why have the press conference?
Why not just send out a press release that says everything will be addressed after the MLB investigation is over? It seems simple enough to me.
Why are the nitwits on social media bringing up Pete Rose again? His situation is different from what is going on right now. It’s apples and oranges.
Never got the argument that Pete Rose the player should be separated from Pete Rose the manager.Why? Ridiculous! By the way Pete Rose was a player-manager for a couple of years. Pete Rose committed the ultimate sin. I’ve always thought that it was amusing that many people who think Pete Rose did nothing wrong are the same people who think sports are fixed like the NFL. That’s comical too!
Let me repeat that Rose has nobody to blame, but himself. He would be in the Hall of Fame now if hasn’t been so arrogant over the years.
Then there are the PED people like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens and others. They aren’t being banned from anything. They just don’t have enough votes right now.