Carlos We Hardly Knew Ye!

By Jack Healey
The Carlos Beltran firing by the Mets brings to three the managers who have been fired over the last week. This whole thing is getting curioser and curioser.
I don’t know about you,but I’m more interested in the whole eletronic sign stealing scandal than I am in the Impeachment.
Many of you nitwits really don’t know what Spyegate was all about do you? I’m talking about the football Spyegate.
It’s the NFL Conference Championship games this Sunday:
I’m going with Kansas City over Tennessee in the AFC and San Francisco over Green Bay in the NFC.
I would love to see Tennessee win in the AFC. That would be great! I’m 3-5 in the playoffs and my overall record is 153-110.
Wouldn’t mind seeing a Green Bay vs Kansas City Super Bowl. It would be the same match-up as Super Bowl One in 1967!
I’m a Patriots fans and I’m as relaxed as I have been this late in the season in years. I guess that’s because the Patriots have been to the Super Bowl four times since 2015 and won three of them and been to the Super Bowl three years in a row and won two of them!