Suck On It And NFL Week #9

By Jack Healey
Listen to what Alex Cora actually said please! When he said “suck on it” at the parade yesterday he was talking about the “gloom and doomers” and the “doubters” after the loss to the Yankees in game 2 of the ALDS. He was also talking about negative Boston sports talk radio. He said we went to New York and scored 16 runs “Suck on it”. It wasn’t meant for the Yankees or New York and even if it was and again it wasn’t, it certainly wasn’t a big deal. Much ado about nothing! Of course the New York tabloids as they are famous for twisted his words around and made it way worse than it was and the fans followed like sheep! Talk about fake news! The New York Daily News jumped on it and said the Red Sox and their fans are obsessed with the Yankees. Yes I agree with that and the Yankees and their fans are obsessed with the Red Sox too. Of course they are. I remember a couple of years ago a caller on WFAN in New York right around Christmas in talking about the Yankees not winning it all said well at least the Red Sox didn’t win. Wow! This was Christmas time way after the season!
If you want obsession how about everybody’s obsession with the Patriots? The NY Giants lose to fall to 1-7 and nobody says a word, but if the Patriots lose to fall to 6-2 social media absolutely blows up! Geez. Give me a break!
NFL week #9:
I went 13-1 last week and now stand at 77-42.
Thursday November 1st
San Francisco over Oakland
Sunday November 4th
Chicago over Buffalo
Kansas City over Cleveland
Miami over the NY Jets
Minnesota over Detroit
Atlanta over Washington
Carolina over Tampa Bay
Baltimore over Pittsburgh
Denver over Houston
Seattle over LA Chargers
New Orleans over LA Rams
NE Patriots over Green Bay
Monday November 5th
Dallas over Tennessee