For those of you who say defense wins championships, I ask, what say you now?

I’ve always said, a great offense will beat any defense, good or great, if executed correctly, and with skilled players and coaching. Last night, offense won, and won easily over both defenses.  New England and Philadelphia couldn’t stop each other.  Philly was just coached a little better, and ultimately, had better all around offensive personnel than New England-as evidenced in the game.

For all the prognosticators who so wrongly picked New England in a landslide, myself included, we should have known after watching the Eagles destroy the #1 defense in the NFL that Patriots defense would be nothing but a manure pile on the way to the end zone.  And manure pile it was.  Not even sure that Malcolm Butler(stop complaining about how come he wasn’t in the game Patsy’s fans) could have calloused over the plops of dung seen on defense last night.   As a Vikings fan I couldn’t be more pleased that Matt Patricia will be coaching the Detroit defense. Good luck to the Pistons, er, Lions.  Did anyone else hear Al Michaels wrongly say that Coach Patricia would be coaching the Pistons next year?  I’m sure Andre Drummond would make a good nose tackle though. Not much of an all-star in the NBA but a good football player perhaps.  I jest.

It’s hard to count out the Patriots and say their dynasty is over.  However, it sounds like Rob Gronkowski might be thinking that being a sideline reporter, or talk radio guy, might be the way to go.  Even he may realize his eggs have been scrambled a little too much.

But back to my original point.  Tom Brady threw for 2,000 yards AND LOST.  Seriously, Brady passed for 505 freaking passing yards.  AND LOST!  The Patriots offense was magnificent.  Put it this way, Pats punter Ryan Allen became the first punter to not punt in a Super Bowl.  And he still got paid $56,000 bucks!

It was Philly’s offense.  It was overwhelming.  And now some sucker team will trade for Nick Foles and he’ll probably have about the same success he had under Jeff Fisher.  Which is like saying Richard Nixon had success.

Philly ran a double toss, reverse throw back to the quarterback for a TD?  Who does that?  Doug Pederson that’s who.  Nobody in that stadium was close to Nick Foles.  Philly ran, passed, steamrolled, shellacked the New England efense(yup, no d) in embarrassing fashion.  Giants fans obnoxiously rejoiced.  Eagles fans, well, Eagles fans were Eagles fans. Which is to say that even in victory most were abhorrent, be it, on social media or anywhere else.  How repugnant and revolting will they be next year after finally winning?  Nothing like an insufferable group having a winning chip on their shoulder(but you Pats fans might know a little something about that too, haha).   But, I digress.

Offense wins championships.  Plain and simple.