Jack Healey’s Blog February 5th, 2018

Let me say it’s no good to lose in the Super Bowl. There is one winner and everybody else loses. The only team that should be happy is the team that wins it all.

I did go with the Patriots to win so after the loss my final record is 167-100. However as I wrote here on Friday, ” I really don’t like the Pats’ defense. They just don’t pass the eye test for me, but I felt that way since 2004.”¬† I didn’t like the Pats’ defense before the game, I really hate the Pats’ defense now. As the Late coach Dennis Green was known to say ” They were who I thought they were.” The defense was bad, really bad and they were the #1 reason why the Patriots lost after giving all due credit to Philly because Philly deserved to win of course.

The Patriots defense was the reason for losses to the Giants twice in the Tom Brady era as well. I went over that in my column on Friday too.

#2 reason was Bill Belichick;

He was out coached badly by Doug Pederson.

Also why wasn’t Malcom Butler playing? If he did something wrong at least tell us what or tell more than “It’s a coaches decision.”

Belichick’s arrogance is a head scratcher at times. Remember Bill¬† sitting down Wes Welker for part of a game a few years ago? The team suffers. I know his record speaks for itself, but you have to have some athletes. The Patriots just don’t have the talent especially on defense. I get it about the system, but sooner or later you have to get some players.

#3 Matt Patricia. Of course he has to take some of the blame! He was the defensive coordinator!

You can’t fault the offense. Putting up 33 points should be more than enough even though I question some of the play calling early. I would’ve gone for it on 4th and 1 before the botched field goal. Tom Brady was great as he passed for over 500 yards, but he didn’t catch the pass that would’ve been at least a first down and of course the fumble with 2:16 left that killed any chance of a rally.

Don’t lose sight of this fact though, Brady did put the Pats up with just over 9 minutes to go, but the defense couldn’t get off the field for the next 7 minutes giving up the go ahead touchdown.

Yes I went with the Patriots to win, but I called the shot on their defense. You can look it up!